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Authors, listed
A to Z by first name. Sort of.

Adin Bookbinder: Hello, Parking Spaces

Aimee Parkison: Gemma

Ali Shapiro: The Liveaboards

Angela Palm: The Devolution Of Cake | Listerature VOL. 2 | Nomfiction

Anne Rasmussen: Grapevine

Amanda Leduc: Asking for Change | Little (flash) Fiction | Love Stories

Amanda Miska: Weightless And Hysterical

Amarie fox: Children of Perpetua

Amy Jones: Rescue on the Atlantic!

Amy Silverberg: The Elasticity Of The Brain

Ana Crouch: Happy Year

Andrew Forbes: What You Need

Andrew Ladd: On A Scotch Bard, Gone To The West Indies

Andrew F. Sullivan: Bright Outside | SATIN LIVES! | A Bird In The Hand Is Worthless | Simcoe Furriers |

                              Listerature VOL. 1 | Little (flash) Fiction

Anonymous_Author©: Bed. Time. Story

A.R. Jardine: Night Swings

Ashley Varela: The Trouble With Fairy Tales

Ayelet Tsabari: Running On Blueberries

Beth Gilstrap: Girls Like That Eat Lemon Pound Cake

Big Hark: The Caping Game

Brandon Taylor: Frites

Braydon Beaulieu: Swarm Theory | Little (flash) Fiction

Bryce Warnes: Silver Quarters

Caitlin Garvey: You Shall See The Face Of God And Live

Camille Griep: You Said There Wouldn’t Be Bears

Carissa Halston: Extensions

Catalina Ouyang: Westward, Unguided

Cathy Ulrich: The Octopus Princess

Chelsea Laine Wells: War Dolls

Chloe N. Clark: Balancing Beams | Between The Axis And The Stars

Christopher D. DiCicco: The Waves We Mother

Christopher Gonzalez: Better Than All That

Claire Lombardo: I Only Want To Talk About The Nice Things

Cody Klippenstein: Minor Aberrations In Geologic Time

Diana Davidson: A Good Night

Daniel Knowlton: Dive

Daniel Perry: Chaser

Dave Housley: Lawn Man

David Connerley Nahm: A Mountain Where There Is No Mountain

Debra S. Levy: American Fare

Devin Kelly: Love Innings

Dorothy Ellen Palmer: Bigger Than A Shoe Box

E. M. Tran: Bikini Lines

Eileen Mary Holowka: Again And | Listerature VOL. 2

elaine corden: Does It Ever Get Dark Here

Eliza Robertson: Sea Life

Ellie Sawatzky: So Long, Mary-Ann

Emily O’Neill: Do Nothing Unless It Feeds You

Emily Walker: To Those Who Cut Us Down | The Grey Goose and Wild Turkey Years

Erin Frances Fisher: The Goddess Lisa

Erin Lebacqz: Feminine Hygienist

Gabrielle Hovendon: Bonnie, Patty, Kid Glove, Ma

Hana Mason: Nobody Girl

Heidi Reimer: Firebombs

Ian MacAllen: The Second Russian

J.E. Reich: The Werewolves of Anspach | Ruins, 2005

Jacqueline Valencia: Dust | Listerature VOL. 1

Jad Josey: Fire Season

Jared Yates Sexton: Knights

Jason Adler: Spun Sugar

Jay Hosking: Analogue | The Vector | A Mixtape Of Words

Jaya Wagle: My Favorite Part Of The Story | Re/Coded

Jeff Wasserboehr: And Then We Move On

Jeffrey Gibbs: The Stones Of Taru Village

Jeffrey Ricker: Looking for Bigfoot

Jen Knox: Lucky | Salt

Jen Michalski: The Loneliest Creature On Earh

Jennifer Kircher Carr: Morning Will Come

Jeremy Hanson-Finger: Climbing Into The Sun

Jessica Kluthe: Three Days Later | Inheritance | Little (flash) Fiction | Nomfiction

Jess Taylor: Anthill

Jessica Hendry Nelson: Pretend We Fell Asleep

Jill Talbot: Railroad Blues

Jimmy Newborg: Thing Full Of Poison | A Game Best Played In Another Room

Jim Ray Daniels: My Republican Love Affair

Joseph Han: Crimes Against Growth

Julie McArthur: Little Hawk

Julie Paul: Damage

Jules Archer: Apartment Hunting In Three Acts

Justin Lawrence Daugherty: Fishkill

Kathy Halliday: La Plage d’Os

Kelsey Robbins Lauder: Sneaker Waves

Kent Kosack: The Dark Sky Initiative

Kevin Hardcastle: We Gotta Save The Leg

Kevin Lee: Mental Note

Kimberley Gillis: Little Robin Deadbreast

Kim Winternheimer: Life Science

Lara Williams: This Small Written Thing

Laura Citino: Ghost Cells

Lauren Carter: Places Like These

Leah Mol: A Different Shade Of Red

Lee Kvern: Tourist Girls

Leesa Cross-Smith: In This Room Where We Practice Dying Every Night | Making Cowboys | 
Little (flash) Fiction | A Mixtape Of Words

Lillian Fishman: Looking At Sasha

Lindsay Milburn: Memorial Keepsakes

Lindsay Wells: The Clinic

Lindsey Gates-Markel: But Nobody Did

Lisa Mecham: Only The Lonely

Lisa Mrock: First Men

Liz Windhorst Harmer: Grievances | Temper, Temper

Lori Sambol Brody: E Ticket

Luke Wiget: Oxblood And The Ice Age

Lyndsay Hall: A Saline Solution

Mallory Tater: Chimera

Matthew Duffus: Only Beauty

Matthew Kabik: After The Mountain

Matthew Leslie: Les Exhibitionnistes

Mark Jordan Manner: True Love Will Find You In The End

Mensah Demary: One Year And Everything Changes | A Mixtape Of Words

Meredith Hambrock: Calm, Ghosts

M.W. Fowler: A Few Loose Ends

Nadine Sander-Green: Counting Trout

Nathan R. Elliott: Chief Invigilator

Nathan Willis: Up And Up Coming Men Of A Future Age

Olivia Woflgang-Smith: Marine Debris | Cook New England

Omar Beer: The Bounce House

Paul McQuade: Beneath The Atlas | Listerature VOL. 1 | Little (flash) Fiction

Pete Grapentien: Soul Gazing

Rebecca Rosenblum: The Framer

Refe Tuma: Trapped

Rob Taylor: The Cyclist

Robert James Russell: Holograms

Rowan Beaird: Cassiopeia

S.C. Bayat: Sheet Music

Sam Martone: Nothing Of Nothing

Sarah Boudreau: The Birdhunter

Sarah Flynn: Little Birds

Schuler Benson: Komodo 90210

Selaine Henriksen: Sacrificial Lamb

Shasta Grant: Grapevine

Shawn Syms: The Exchange | Snap

Shilpi Suneja: Unemployment

Simon Barker: Rickettsia Tsutsugamushi

Steve Karas: Gusher | Kinda Sorta American Dream | A Mixtape Of Words

Steven Lafond: Yard Waste

Susan Sanford Blades: Fall From Oysters

Suzanne Freeman: Seymourland

Tabitha Blankenbiller: Running From The Pumpkin King

Teri Vlassopoulos: The Most Serene Republic

Thomas Michael Duncan: A Proper Burial

Traci Skuce: Elephant Shoe | Other Ways Besides The Door

Trevor Corkum: 27,000 Breaths | Thursday Night Karaoke | In Memoriam | A Mixtape Of Words |
Listerature VOL. 2

Trevor Dodge: Trying

Troy Palmer: Claire | Listerature VOLS. 1 & 2 | Little (flash) Fiction | A Mixtape Of Words

Tyler Barton: Backwards Advice

Victoria Fryer: Father, Father, Holy Ghost

Wendy Gavin Porter: Invisible Geography

Will Johnson: Paint By Numbers | Year Of The Dragon | If They Had Music | A Mixtape Of Words |
Little (flash) Fiction

Wyl Villacres: Play On